Dedicated to the knowledge of all J.W. York & Sons, Grand Rapids, USA Line, and York Band Instruments from Grand Rapids, Michigan.



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Chicago Symphony York Tubas
Learn about the fabled tubas that have been studied and copied by experts.​​


York Factory Area
Hard hats not required!
​York Instrument Audio


Hear authentic York Instruments!
York Mouthpieces
Learn about the cupped brass mouthpieces that gave the York sound!


Featured Sections

 York Musicians

Arnold Jacobs, CSO

Louie Armstrong, Jazz

Gene Pokorny, CSO

James Stamp, Minneapolis

Laurence Brown, Jazz

Eugene Adam, BSO

Glen Cooke, MSO

Pattee Evenson, Rochester Phil

Paul Schmidt, Rochester Phil

William V. Webster, Detroit Symphony

Les McManis, Jazz

Don Conlin, Jazz

Chester Groth

Harry Brown, Indianappolis


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